Picture Books At The Library 232

Here are a few recent titles I’ve read. What new picture books have you read? Please share in the comments section.
Book Cover
A HOUSE FOR EVERY BIRD: When a young artist draws a flock of birds and a house to match each one, her drawings revolt and insist on trading houses.
Book Cover
BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD: When lonely Roland finds a pine cone in the woods, it becomes his best friend, but someone else may just be missing their bumpy best friend at the same time.
Book Cover
ME + TREE: A young girl and an old tree learn from each other how to find their purpose and foster healing in the world. Lovely!
Book Cover
POOJO’S GOT WHEELS: Clever dog Poojo doesn’t let the fact that he was born without back legs slow him down.
Book Cover
THE NICE DREAM TRUCK: Sleepy children receive a visit from the Nice Dream Truck whose driver serves up all sorts of delicious dreams. Rhyme
Book Cover
THE TREE IN ME: A celebration of the strength and wonder within each of us, and a meditation on the interconnectedness of every living thing. Love the art!
Book Cover
HOME FOR A WHILE: Calvin has lived in many houses that never felt like home, but Maggie, his new foster mother, helps him deal with his emotions while also making him feel at home.
Book Cover
IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SUNNY: Laila has trouble adjusting when a thunderstorm causes her outdoor party to become an indoor party.
Book Cover
SHEEPISH: When the big bad wolf creates a foolproof plan to sneak into the sheep herd, things don’t go as planned.
Book Cover
THE LITTLE LIBRARY: Jake, a reluctant reader, becomes a book lover when the new librarian finds Jake a book about woodworking.

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