Book Review Requests

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Attention: I’m only accepting book review requests from publishers at this time.

If you have a children’s picture book you’d like reviewed, please keep in mind the following conditions:

  • I only review children’s picture books. Children’s picture books are the focus of this blog. They can be fiction or nonfiction. I do not review adult books, young adult books, poetry, or other genres of children’s books.
  • I currently only review physical books, as opposed to digital or electronic copies of books. I feel part of the over all experience of reading a picture book is holding it in your hands and turning the pages. 
  • I cannot accept every review request that I receive. Reviewing is a hobby. I am an author and a freelance writer. I have other obligations. I simply do not have the time to accept every review request. If I don’t accept your request, please don’t take it personally.
  • It is extremely helpful to me if I can find information about your book online. It would be nearly impossible to make a decision about reviewing your book if there is no information online. I will most likely decline the request for review.
  • My schedule fills up quickly. If I accept your book for review, I cannot guarantee when the review will be done. I am often booked several weeks in advance. But rest assured, I will get to it.
  • I will decide what to do with your book after the review is completed. I may keep your book and add it to my personal library. I may offer it as a blog giveaway. I may give the book away or donate it to a worthy cause. Don’t worry, your book will find a good home.
  • Please do not send me your book without contacting me first. If you do, I cannot guarantee I will review it, nor will I return it. I may give the book away or donate it to a worthy cause.

If, after reading these conditions, you would like to contact me regarding a book review, please use the form on my Contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

–Lauri F.

2 thoughts on “Book Review Requests

  1. Hi there Lauri!

    I want to begin by e-introducing myself! I am Rami Jandali and I am a first-time, children’s book author with an inner child and a passion to share stories!

    Just two Mondays ago, on May 1st, I self-published my first-ever children’s book, “An Almond All Alone”, available on Amazon as both an eBook and as a Paperback version as well. In essence, it speaks of the power of having just one other person (or “nut”, as is the case in this story) believe in you, regardless of how bullied you have been or insecure you have felt about yourself. It is lighthearted, it is airy and I am absolutely ecstatic to share it with the world, adults and kids alike!

    I would be incredibly honored and grateful if you would consider “An Almond All Alone” for a review on your blog, and/or to share it with your friends and family.

    I truly look forward to hearing back from you and hope your week is off to a fantastic start!!


    Rami Jandali


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