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The Peddler’s Bed was published September 1, 2015 by Ripple Grove Press. It’s a traditional hardcover picture book, illustrated by artist Bong Redila. Ripple Grove Press is a Oregon-based, independent picture book publisher. 

In this gentle tale of kindness and giving, a peddler fails to sell a fine, handcrafted bed, guaranteed to never squeak, to a little man whose bed is barely more than a pile of blankets in a corner near his fireplace. But the peddler’s heart is moved by the little man’s generosity. When it’s time to get back on the road, will the peddler leave behind the perfect gift of gratitude?

I’m very pleased to announce that The Peddler’s Bed is a finalist in the 2016 CNY Book Awards in the Fiction category! In fact, it is the first children’s book to be a finalist in the five-year history of the award!

Links to Reviews of The Peddler’s Bed:

Midwest Book Review: (scroll down a bit)

The Peddler’s Bed is available on Amazon!

Amazon UK!

Barnes & Noble!

Or check your local independent bookstore for availability.


(Illustrator Bong Redila…

...Hard At Work...

…Hard At Work…

...On The Cover Of The Peddler's Bed)

…On The Cover Of The Peddler’s Bed)

My Pledge:

For every 100 copies of The Peddler’s Bed sold for a period of one year (between Sept. 1 2015 and Sept. 1 2016), I pledge to donate one copy to a school or public library or to another organization that works to put books into the hands of children! (If you are a U.S. school or public librarian or are affiliated with a U.S. children’s literacy organization, and would like to receive a copy of The Peddler’s Bed, please use the form on my Contact page to submit your organization for consideration.)

Until the end of 2016, I will also donate 25% of royalties I receive from sales of The Peddler’s Bed to the Syracuse Rescue Mission. It’s my way of Paying It Forward!


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