Where The Wild Things Are

  Inspired by the recent film adaptation, I decided to reread Where The Wild Things Are, written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak, and originally published in 1963 by Harper & Row. It won the Caldecott Medal in 1964. I think most picture book fans have read it, or read it to their children, at least once in their lives. I think this book is great fun despite the rumors that some parents think it’s too frightening for young children. This may perhaps be true of the recent film version, but the book portrays the “wild things” as big, goofy, even somewhat cuddly looking creatures. Certainly mild by today’s standards. If you truly want to analyze the story, there is a message here and I think it’s a timeless one for every parent and child. All children get upset sometimes and may even throw tantrums, act out or “be wild”. And they may be punished for it. But in time, the fit passes and they know that they are still loved despite their behavior and despite their punishment. All children should feel this sense of love and security at home.


One thought on “Where The Wild Things Are

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Lauri. I have always loved the book “Where The Wild Things Are.” One of my all time favorite books. The boys love it too. I know you will be published some day for sure. Wondering why you changed Freddy’s name? Just curious.


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