Support your local library-check books out!

  Some of you may not know that I work in a busy public library. I’m sure you can guess that my favorite section is the children’s picture book area. The library has grown. That’s both good and bad. Growth is good because the library has the support to bring in new materials: books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, and more. How could growth be bad? Well, the library is outgrowing its space. When this happens, libraries have to weed out older materials that don’t circulate to make room for new items. If you truly care about the precious picture books in your local library, check them out and check them out often so that they don’t disappear from the library shelves. I’m sure the authors and illustrators of these books would thank you if they could. On a more positive note, the books that are removed from libraries’ collections often go into book sales, so most will have a new life while helping to support the library too.

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