Finley’s Words Of Wisdom

I recently did an interview with Finley, THE Frog On A Blog. Here it is:

Lauri. Hello Finley. We haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?

Finley. Well, I’m a little sad today.

Lauri. Why are you sad?

Finley. I lost my favorite pair of bunny slippers.

Lauri. How did you lose them?

Finley. They’re somewhere in the pond.

Lauri. I thought you weren’t allowed to wear them outside anymore?

Finley. I forgot. I do have my elephant slippers but they’re a little too big on me because of the secret compartments.

Lauri. You have secret compartments in your slippers?

Finley. Yes, trunks actually.

Lauri. Do you really have trunks in your slippers?

Finley. Of course not! It’s a joke. Elephant trunks-get it? Hey, but maybe I could invent slippers with secret compartments!

Lauri. Yes, you are resourceful. So what are your plans now?

Finley. Well, I have to go and fish my bunny slippers out of the pond. Have a hoppy day everyone!

Lauri. Good luck Finley and thanks for hopping by! (He’s a frog of few words.)

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