A Few Words About Older Picture Books

I want to take a moment to talk about older picture books, as I do like to review them here on Frog On A Blog just as much as their newer counterparts. One thing that I think is sad, but is understandable too, is that picture books do not stay in print forever. If it’s a classic or something very popular, it will be republished over and over again for many years. But the vast majority of these treasures will not. If they are fortunate to stay in print for ten years or more, that is really saying something. Remember, publishing is a business. If the books aren’t selling, then the Publisher must move on to something else. That being said, since I do like to review older picture books, you might wonder how you’re supposed to read my recommendations if the books are no longer in the book stores. Well first, I can not stress enough the number of wonderful older (and newer) picture books you can find at your local library. This is of course my favorite section in the library. I understand that it can be a bit over whelming for some- there are so many, where do you start-but that is part of the reason I write this blog-to help you find some really good books. You should be able to find all of the books I talk about in a library near you (that’s where I find them). But just in case your library doesn’t happen to have a title that you really, really want to read, and it’s too “old” to be found on your local Barnes & Noble or Borders’ shelves, there are a couple more options. One place to check is a used book store. Don’t let the word used bother you. These books are often in very good (almost new) condition. Even if you don’t find a particular title there, you are bound to find some treasures. And if you do purchase something, you are helping to support a local business. Another option, if you’re looking for something specific, is to go to Amazon or another online bookseller. Though they most likely won’t have a new copy of the book to sell, they often have links to used book sellers who do. These book sellers may have new copies (not newly printed, just not used) or they may have used copies that are still in fairly good condition. And the prices are usually very good. I have acquired many wonderful picture books this way. Happy hunting!

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