No Babysitters Allowed

  I love the acrylic and ink illustrations in this book-such detail! No Babysitters Allowed is a story about separation anxiety. The star of the story is Hopscotch, a young boy (bunny) whose parents leave him with a babysitter while they go out for the evening. He is worried at first, but through the course of the story, his fears subside and he ends up having a good time with his babysitter, Mrs. Honeybunch. This is a great choice to ease the anxiety of your own little worried one at home, so that you can go out. I’m not endorsing going out a lot. If you have children, then you need to be there for them. But we could all use a night out once in a while. No Babysitters Allowed was written by Amber Stewart and illustrated in vibrant colors (I love lots of color!) by Laura Rankin. It was published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books in 2008. Look for more by this author and illustrator.

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