Yuck! That’s Not a Monster!

  A delightful (not scary) story about a monster family and wonderful, bright illustrations are what you’ll find in this picture book entitled Yuck! That’s Not a Monster! by author Angela McAllister and illustrator Alison Edgson (Good Books, 2010). This book is humorous and charming. It succeeded in making me laugh. My favorite paragraph is, ‘Then the third egg shook a bit. Frightful and Horrid gave it a poke. Out crept something very soft and pink. “UGH! HE’S SWEET!!” said the little monsters. “LET’S SQUASH HIM!”‘ It’s true, the little pink monster is unbelievably sweet and adorable. My favorite illustration is on the very next page. The looks on the faces of Mr. Monster and the other two little monsters is priceless. I think you’ll agree that the relationship between the little pink monster and his brother and sister is a lot like a real relationship between siblings. This book is definitely worth a look.

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