Brand New Interview!

Product Details  Hello picture book fans! I’m excited because I have a brand new interview posted below. Illustrator Alison Edgson, who has illustrated many picture books including Little Puppy Lost, The Magical Snowman, Silly Goose, and others, was kind enough to answer questions for fans. I like her fresh, unique style that manages at the same time to bring back memories of childhood favorites with its coziness and warmth.

I find it fascinating to have a peek into the lives of authors and illustrators. I hope you enjoy the interview. Comments are welcomed.

Interview with Illustrator Alison Edgson (12/20/10) 

Q. How did you get your start in children’s book illustration?

AE. I used to work in the bank but I’d always wanted to go to art college and hadn’t got in when I first applied. Eventually I was able to take a redundancy package and I got to do a foundation course followed by a degree in Visual Communication at the University of Ulster in Belfast. After I graduated I started trying to get any illustration jobs I could and I sent flyers to publishers and agents in the hope that someone would notice me! Luckily I got a phone call from Child’s Play and they offered me my first book, which was Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Q. What do you enjoy most about creating illustrations for children’s books?

AE. I love lots of things about it so it’s difficult to say, but I think the nicest part is probably when I have already created a set of roughs for a book that everyone is happy with and I am painting the artwork from them. The pressure’s off a bit then ( apart from the looming deadline ) and I get to play with the tone and colours and listen to the radio while I work! 

Q. I know that you have illustrated several picture books. Do you have any favorites?

AE. Someone asked me this question yesterday! It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I think it might be Star Friends because of the lovely swirly space scenes

 Q. Do you have a preferred medium or technique you like to use when you’re creating your illustrations?

AE. Yes, I paint with acrylics onto either Bristol Board or Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper depending on the softness I want to achieve, and I use coloured pencils and sometimes pastels to finish off the details and add atmosphere 

Q. What picture book artists are your favorites?

 AE. Oliver Jeffers of course – he’s a friend of mine and super talented. I also love Emily Gravett and Anita Jeram. 

Q. How can fans learn more about you and your books?

AE. I have a blog which they can visit – it’s at

 Q. Is there anything else you’d like to say to picture book fans?

AE. Yes – thank you for buying picture books and I’ll try to give you a few more to choose from over the coming years!

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