New Year’s Resolutions

Resolution means oath, pledge, promise, declaration. How many of us make resolutions at the start of each new year only to break them or give them up a few short weeks later? I count myself amongst the guilty. I admire those who are able to see their resolutions through, those who reach goals, those who make changes, those who conquer a fear or a long-over due task or see something to conclusion. I used to be like that when I had more time. Now, I try not to make a resolution at all. I don’t want another year of failure after all. Instead, I try. Yes, I try to write more. I try to exercise more. I try to clean more. I try to blog more. I do my best to accomplish my goals. But they are not goals set in stone. I allow myself the freedom to add, cancel, or change my goals-or even to put a goal on hold. If I’d rather spend time playing with my puppy than sweeping the kitchen floor, then that’s what I’ll do. At the end of the year, I don’t feel guilty if I didn’t reach all of my goals. By then, I probably have all new ones anyway. All you can really do is just keep trying and keep living. And hopefully enjoy life along the way. Happy New Year Everyone!

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