The Finish The Story Challenge

Hi, it’s me Finley. I have a challenge for all you Frog On A Blog fans out there. Below, I’ve posted the start of a children’s story. What I want you to do is finish it! If I choose your story as my favorite, I’ll send you a surprise. You have to agree to have your story posted on the Frog On A Blog site. It can be as long or as short as you want. The contest will continue until I choose a winner. Good luck and have fun!!

     Lottie peered under her bed intently. “Nope, she’s not under here,” she said aloud. She stood up and sat on the edge of the bed. “Where could she be? I can’t go on vacation with Mama and Daddy for a whole week if I can’t find Lulu.” She pondered for a moment, and then she said, “Mama always says that if you’re trying to find something you’ve lost, you have to remember where you were the last time. So, I have to figure out where I was last time I played with Lulu. Hmm….” Lottie’s words trailed off, and soon she was deep in thought. Her nose and forehead wrinkled up as she tried hard to recall.

     She began to lean back on the bed, and as she did, her shoulder touched something hard. “Ouch,” she cried out, more startled than hurt. She jumped up quickly and turned around. She pulled the covers down and there she was. “Lulu, Lulu, there you are! You were here the whole time!” She scooped her favorite doll up in her arms and hugged her tight. “Mama must have made you up in the bed this morning by mistake. I’m so happy I found you.”

     She twirled Lulu around over her head. The little doll’s ruffled dress and silken hair fluttered as Lottie danced with glee. 

Now, continue the story of Lottie and Lulu!     

For information on how to submit your story, click on The Finish The Story Challenge link in the sidebar.

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