More Fun With Rhyme

   Here’s a little poem I wrote several years ago. See if you can figure out the answer to the riddle before you get to the end. Enjoy!



At the end of the rainbow there’s a magical place

that transcends time and compresses all space.

Do you know what’s there?

Care to venture a guess?

I’ll give you a clue,

it’s not a skirt or a dress.

It isn’t pants or underwear.

And you won’t find shorts or blouses there.

No coats, no ties, no belts, no vests.

No shoes, no hats, no suits well pressed.

What remains? Have you figured out

what’s deposited by the magical spout?

It’s a great big pile of rainbow loot 

that traveled along the rainbow chute.

It isn’t shining coins or sparkling diamond rocks.

Straight from your laundry room it’s…

Scroll Down







Keep Going







Almost There






Just a Little Bit Further 








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