Omer’s Favorite Place

Cover image   I like the way the author, Ifeoma Onyefulu, used real photographs to illustrate her picture book Omer’s Favorite Place (2011, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books). The story is a simple one; the young boy, Omer, shows the reader all of the places he likes to play in and around the house and ultimately reveals his most favorite place of all. It may be a simple concept, but it is one that children everywhere can relate to. Do you remember your favorite places to play when you were a child? My siblings and I used to set card tables up in the living room and drape sheets and blankets over them to make little private “forts”. Inside, we had several toys to play with. The setting for Omer’s Favorite Place is his home in Ethiopia. Readers will learn about a few Ethiopian games and a popular Ethiopian food, as well as meet Omer’s happy family.

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