Finley Hopped In

Our esteemed host, Finley, hopped in today. Here’s what he had to say:

Me: Hi Finley! Why are you so upset?

Finley: I had a fight with my brother.

Me: Can you tell us about it?

Finley: About what?

Me: The fight with your brother.

Finley: Which brother?

Me: You have more than one brother?

Finley: Yes, I have 21.

Me: Wow! Any sisters?

Finley: 59, but I don’t count them.

Me: Why not?

Finley: Because I can’t count that high.

Me: That’s a lot of siblings. Are you a handful?

Finley: That depends.

Me: On what?

Finley: On the size of the hand.

Me: Okay, tell us about the fight you just had with your brother. What’s his name?

Finley: Flip.

Me: What did you and Flip fight about?

Finley: He’s trying to steal my friend Chelsey away from me.

Me: Chelsey’s your best friend. Why would Flip try to steal her away from you?

Finley: Because he’s jealous.

Me: Why is he jealous?

Finley: Because he doesn’t have any friends.

Me: Why not?

Finley: Because he’s always flip-ping out.

Me: Okay, are you telling us a story?

Finley: Maybe.

Me: Why?

Finley: Because I love, love, love to tell stories!

Me: It’s okay to tell stories, but maybe you should write them down instead of pretending they’re true. We really thought you were upset and we were worried about you.

Finley: I’m sorry. I’ll go home right now and write my story down. And maybe the next time I visit, I’ll have a finished story to read to everyone.

Me: That would be great! We can’t wait to hear it.

Finley: So long!

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