Too Much Stuff

I’ve decided to post a silly poem I wrote many years ago about a greedy young boy. I think this was my feeble attempt at being Seussical. (Hey, I never said I was a poet.) Still, I hope you enjoy it.

Too Much Stuff (or Jo Jo the Greedy Boy)

Jo Jo said:

I want stuff, more stuff, more stuff!

Old stuff, new stuff,

Yellow and blue stuff,

What I have is not enough stuff!


Give me stuff that’s fat and stuff that’s lean,

Stuff that’s dirty and stuff that’s clean,

Hand it over before I scream!


I want stuff that’s poor and stuff that’s fair,

Stuff that’s round and stuff that’s square,

Is that too much, I don’t care!


Give me stuff that’s short and stuff that’s tall,

Stuff that’s big and stuff that’s small,

Everything, I want it all!


I want stuff that’s pointy and stuff that’s flat,

Stuff that bounces and then goes “splat”,

I’ll even take your dog and cat!


Whatever I want, I should get,

Don’t make me throw a royal fit,

I won’t stop, I’ll never quit!


I’ll throw a tantrum on the floor,

And go and slam every door,

Until you give me more, more, more!


Makes no difference what it is,

I just want it, give, give, give,

Without it I just cannot live!


Her stuff, his stuff, your stuff too,

I’ll have it all before I’m through,

And there’s nothing you can do!


Jo Jo’s stuff piled up so high,

Soon it all did touch the sky!

Then we heard an awful cry,

Where is Jo Jo?

Too bad.

Bye bye.

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