Vote for Me!

Cover image  I really enjoyed Vote for Me! (2012, Kids Can Press). I’m sure it wasn’t an accident that this clever book by Ben Clanton was published during a presidential election year. It’s about two candidates who do everything they can to win your vote. They sweet-talk you, tell you what you want to hear, make you promises, and put down their opponent. Sounds like real life, huh? 

I’ve never seen a picture book tackle this subject before. As soon as I read it, I wondered why it hadn’t been done before. It’s a great idea. Maybe it’s because no one else has been able to do it like Ben Clanton. He managed to create a humorous, fast-paced story that kids will love, even if they don’t get the not-so-subtle tidbits that we adults will recognize-for example, the red and blue color scheme, the donkey and elephant main characters, and the “mud-slinging”.

The difference between this story and a real election is the fact that donkey and elephant apologize to each other and by the end, become friends. Or do they? Read the book to find out. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

This is a good first introduction to politics for young readers. Be prepared to explain a couple of things to your kids though.

2 thoughts on “Vote for Me!

  1. Hi! Just found you in my new CBI critique group. This book does look good, especially for teaching 3rd – 5th graders. Have you heard of Suzanna Leonard Hill’s PPBF? Just Google it; it’s lots of fun!


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