That Book Woman

  Wow, if there was ever a picture book that I  thoroughly enjoyed reading aloud, this is it. That Book Woman (2008, Atheneum Books) by Heather Henson and illustrated by David Small is based on a true part of American history. It’s about a Pack Horse Librarian who delivers books to the remote Appalachian mountain region of Kentucky back in the 1930’s. But actually, the book is about more than that. The story is told by a boy named Cal who learns to read and whose life is forever changed thanks to that book woman. All picture books are meant to be read aloud, but some just roll off the tongue better or are more fun to read. This is one of those books. The ink, watercolor, and pastel pictures perfectly complement the rural setting. There’s more information about the Pack Horse Librarians in an author’s note at the end of the book. This is a great read!   

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