Scribbles and Ink

  Blue Apple Books has a lot of terrific titles, but I especially like Scribbles and Ink (2012) by Ethan Long. Ink is a mouse and Scribbles is a cat and the only thing they have in common is that they are both artists. They have very different opinions on what makes good art and so a battle of pencils and brushes takes place until finally, they decide to work together to create something extra special. This book is a clever introduction to art for young readers. I like the use of primary colors for the majority of the illustrations. And the showcase of different art styles and artists at the end adds a superb finishing touch to the story. Look for more books by this talented author/illustrator. Also, look for more titles published by Blue Apple. Another one that I really like is called My Dog Thinks I’m a Genius by Harriet Ziefert. Look for it and Scribbles and Ink today!

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