Title: Elecopter

Author/Illustrator: Michael Slack

Publisher/Year: Henry Holt and Company/2013

Who’s up for an exciting story about a hero who fights fires and performs daring rescues? You can’t go wrong with Elecopter by Michael Slack! Creating a helicopter elephant was an amazing idea. (I wish I had thought of it.) This rhyming story is an action-packed adventure filled with danger and excitement. It’s also filled with beautiful, vivid, full-page illustrations and a whole lot of fun. Check out the gorgeous cover above. Elecopter is the star of the story and the hero of the savannah. She looks out for all the other animals and she’s just so darn cute. I love the picture of Elecopter giving the lion a haircut! I know, I don’t just think, I know kids will love this book. I purchased a copy for my little nephew and I think his father, who’s a big elephant fan likes the book just as much as he does.

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