The Night Before The Night Before Christmas By Jay Dee (Plus a Giveaway!)


Title: The Night Before The Night Before Christmas

Author: Jay Dee

Illustrator: Darren Geers

Publisher/Year: Kraine Kreative/2014

Summary: At Santa’s workshop, the night before the night before Christmas is hardy a time to rest. The elves work tirelessly to get the final toys made before Christmas Eve, but Elfie just can’t keep pace. He spends too much time making his toys perfect, and when Santa comes to check on production, everyone is surprised by his reaction.

The Night Before The Night Before Christmas is a beautifully illustrated, timeless tale with a twist. It is the night before Christmas Eve and all of Santa’s elves are at work making the final toys for Santa to deliver to all the good girls and boys the very next night. Main character Elfie is a likable little fellow who takes pride in his work. And he wants the toys he makes to be perfect. His perfectionism is something many of us can relate to; I sure can. But unfortunately for Elfie, this is no time to be perfect. Or is it?

My favorite part of the story, besides the spectacular full-page illustrations, is that Santa himself knows the reason for the season, or put another way, Santa knows the true meaning of Christmas and who and what it is that makes Christmas special. You have to be open to what I call a “time paradox” (the twist) at the end of the story, if you are, I’m confident that you and your children will embrace the feel-good message presented here. Overall, The Night Before The Night Before Christmas is a sweet story about a very special Christmas gift.


I am giving away a copy of The Night Before The Night Before Christmas, generously donated by the author, to one lucky person. To qualify for the giveaway, you must 1) follow this blog and 2) comment on this post. I will choose a winner at random, who I will contact via e-mail for a mailing address. Sorry, this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. You have until December 7, 2014 to qualify.

Please share this review and giveaway on social media. Thank you!

Update (12/8/2014): Congratulations to Linda Kautzman, the winner of The Night Before The Night Before Christmas! Thank you to everyone who entered and commented on this post. Look for more chances to win picture books in the future!

6 thoughts on “The Night Before The Night Before Christmas By Jay Dee (Plus a Giveaway!)

  1. Van says:

    Hi Lauri, I just love Christmas stories and this book sounds wonderful. My 5-year-old daughter, Reese, was singing Christmas carols in the car yesterday. When the song was over she says, “Mommy, I love Christmas!” I’m so glad that my love for Christmas has overflowed to my little hunny bunny, the baby of four.

    Thank you for all of your suggestions. It helps to keep my avid little reader busy. Excited for your book releases!

    Continued Blessings to you and your family.
    Merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

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