Hoppy Book Birthday to MOMMA DON’T YOU WORRY by Louie Lawent

Hoppy Book Birthday!

Hoppy Book Birthday!

Hoppy Book Birthday to Momma Don’t You Worry, written by Louie Lawent and illustrated by Rick Radliff!

The Momma Don’t You Worry Baby Book

  • Full Name (Title): Momma Don’t You Worry
  • Parent (Author): Louie Lawent
  • Parent (Illustrator): Rick Radliff
  • Obstetrician (Publisher): LadyBee Publishing
  • Birthdate (Release Date): January 27, 2015
  • Baby Photo and Vitals (Cover and More Information): http://www.amazon.com/Momma-Dont-Worry-Louie-Lawent-ebook
  • Physical Characteristics (Format and Summary): Picture eBook/A boy who’s soon to be 6 years old feels he’s too old to have his mom hold his hand in public.

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