3 Beautiful Books by Justin Drazin

Title: Grandma and the Groundhog

Author: Justin Drazin

Illustrator: Genn Lotish

Publisher/Year: Justin Drazin Publishing/2014

Grandma’s garden has attracted an unwanted guest. At first, Grandma is amused by the groundhog’s antics. But then, as more and more of her delicious vegetables disappear, Grandma decides enough is enough. We don’t know exactly what she has in mind, but we do know she wants her garden back. But just when she decides to give the groundhog a piece of her mind, the rascal disappears. The groundhog emerges a few weeks later with four hungry little ones. Told in rollicking rhyme and beaming with lively color, Grandma and the Groundhog is an enjoyable read-aloud that is sure to elicit smiles from young and old alike. Be prepared to read this one over and over; your kids will request it. 

Title: It’s Raining Paint

Author: Justin Drazin

Illustrator: Vladimir Ilievski

Publisher/Year: Justin Drazin Publishing/2014

Young Laney has only one speed: fast. She doesn’t notice the beauty that’s all around her. It’s only when, on one very unusual day, paint droplets fall from the sky and cover everything in glorious color, that she finally slows down to look. She is amazed until everything turns to gloomy black and white. But her disappointment is replaced by joyful surprise the next day, after clear rain washed everything clean again during the night. Now Laney sees the world with new eyes; she appreciates the beauty of nature. This rhyming story is gorgeously illustrated in dazzling dabs of paint. I’ve never seen another book illustrated in quite this way. It’s Raining Paint is definitely worth a look. 


Title: Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters

Author: Justin Drazin

Illustrator: Anita Lester

Publisher/Year: Gorham Publishing/2012

Albert is a young boy who has an amazing dream. He dreams about a land where friendly pillow monsters roam, where he’s always welcome, and where “imagination is the brightest night light”. At first he is confused, but soon realizes there is nothing to fear. The Pillow Monsters, who thrive on sweet dreams, have planned a party for Albert to celebrate his strength and courage. And Albert will no longer be afraid of the dark as long as he uses his powerful imagination. A whimsical, rhyming tale with dreamy illustrations, Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters is a perfect bedtime pick.

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