How Can I Read More Picture Books?

Spreading more library love…

An Awfully Big Adventure

Everyone agrees that if you hope to one day craft picture book stories you must start by reading as many stupendous, exciting, and beloved examples of published picture books as you can lay your eager writer hands on.

But averaging $15 a pop for new copies, paying for a pile of PBs might not be the most budget-friendly choice.

Om nom nom

So what’s the next best alternative? When it comes to checking out new and popular releases, I like to spend time in the children’s section of book stores flipping through freshly pressed pages and reacquainting my knees and back with the joys of floors and tiny plastic furniture. Don’t judge!

But those big book stores aren’t as plentiful or as near to home as they were only a few years ago. Making time to visit them regularly can be a challenge.

That’s why libraries are my second favorite haunt. Sure, their…

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