This is a great reminder for writers from Heather at Sub It Club…

Sub It Club

I’ve written about waiting before but I feel like talking about it again today. Maybe it’s because I’m waiting on things… I don’t know. I guess I can’t really say that’s the reason because honestly, as writers and illustrators working toward publication aren’t we always waiting on something? Waiting for the perfect ending for our story to come to us… waiting to hear back from critique partners… waiting to hear back on queries. Waiting, waiting, waiting! Just because you have an agent or get a book published that doesn’t mean the waiting stops either. You’re still waiting for all of the same old things you used to wait for in one form or another.

I know how it feels when you send out a submission. There are possibilities that someone could like what you have sent. They might even LOVE it. You want to know what they think. You want…

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