Hoppy Book Birthday to LONELY LOLA LADYBUG by Mary Jo Beswick

Hoppy Book Birthday!

Hoppy Book Birthday!

Hoppy Book Birthday to Lonely Lola Ladybug by Mary Jo Beswick!

The Lonely Lola Ladybug Baby Book

  • Full Name (Title): Lonely Lola Ladybug
  • Parent (Author): Mary Jo Beswick
  • Parent (Illustrator): Mary Jo Beswick
  • Obstetrician (Publisher): Bellastoria Press
  • Birthdate (Release Date): April 1, 2015
  • Baby Photo and Vitals (Cover and More Information): www.maryjobeswick.com
  • Physical Characteristics (Format and Summary): Traditional paperback picture book/Lola is a lonely ladybug in need of a friend but afraid to leave her safe little nook in the big green tree. One day, encouraged by a lively party of ants, Lola decides she must be brave and venture out beyond her nook. She loads her backpack, gathers her courage and into the big green tree she goes in search of a friend.

4 thoughts on “Hoppy Book Birthday to LONELY LOLA LADYBUG by Mary Jo Beswick

  1. Thank you so much for wishing my book a Hoppy Birthday! It is a very exciting time! Especially since this is my first published children’s picture book. As a nubie, I already made my “first time author” mistake. I put my website/blog out there with the wrong domain name. Duh! My right domain name is http://www.maryjobeswick.com/ I hope you will come by Laurie and check it out. I really like your site and would like to link with you! MJ


    • Hi, Mary Jo, Congratulations again on the publication of your first book! I truly do love to celebrate with other authors. I updated this post to reflect your maryjobeswick.com domain name. Don’t forget to share your Hoppy Book Birthday post on your social media sites!

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