Hey, Baby, Look! by Kate Shannon and Morgan Owens

Title: Hey, Baby, Look!

Author: Kate Shannon

Illustrator: Morgan Owens

Publisher/Year: Blue Dream Books/ 2014

Format: Board Book

Description (from publisher’s website): An important board book addition to any little person’s first library, Hey, Baby, Look! is underpinned by brain research and whimsical creativity. Its sturdy pages are rich in color, beautifully illustrated, and full of rhyming fun!

First Page: Hey, Baby, Look! Where is the apple? How many are sweet? Where can you sit? Which can you eat?


Hey, Baby, Look! is a highly interactive board book for children under 3 years of age. Batteries? You won’t need them. Finger pointing is all that’s required. Four colorful pictures and rhyming text on each spread invite finger-pointing action from child and caregiver (and book reviewer 🙂 ). 

Hey, Baby, Look! is an excellent first introduction to concepts such as colors, numbers and counting, shapes, repetition, simple words, and object recognition. It’s all in there, but your toddler won’t know she’s learning, she’ll simply be having fun.

I don’t normally review board books on Frog on a Blog, though they are technically picture books for the youngest readers (0-3 years), but I made an exception in this case. I’m impressed with the well-written, engaging text and the bright, eye-catching illustrations. I’m also impressed with all of the awards this book has garnered. 

  • IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award (Gold Medal: Children’s Literature, 0-3)
  • Beverly Hills International Book Award (Gold Medal: Children’s Nonfiction)
  • Indie Reader Discovery Award (Gold Medal: Kids)
  • MIPA Midwest Book Awards (Three Silver Medals: Children’s Nonfiction, Children’s Picture Book, & Graphic Illustration)
  • National Indie Excellence Award (Silver Medal: Children’s Picture Books – Preschool)
  • Indie Book Awards (Silver Medal: Children’s/Juvenile Non-Fiction)
  • San Francisco Book Festival (Silver Medal: Children’s Books)

Blue Dream Books has made it its mission to “produce beautiful, educational, mindful, and impactful board books for little readers and the grown ups who love them.” With Hey, Baby, Look!, they have definitely succeeded. Look for more from this publisher in the near future. And to learn more about Blue Dream Books’ mission, vision, and core values, click here.

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