Giveaway: Just 3 Weeks Left To Enter!

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{a rainbow of blank books}

{a rainbow of blank books waiting to be filled with the colors of imagination}

There are just 3 weeks left to enter to win a signed copy of my debut picture book The Peddler’s Bed along with 2 blank books to give to the emerging authors in your life. All you have to do is leave a comment on the original post! I’ll choose a winner at random on September 1, the release date for The Peddler’s Bed, and announce it here on Frog on a Blog. Just leave a comment on the original post, it’s that easy! CLICK HERE! 

Summary of The Peddler’s Bed:

In this endearing tale of kindness and giving, author Lauri Fortino and illustrator Bong Redila introduce readers to a peddler on a mission to sell a fine, handcrafted bed, guaranteed to never squeak. But when the peddler comes across a man at work in his garden, he soon realizes that the man is penniless and cannot buy the bed. So he makes a wager with the man, if he can think of a way to make the bed squeak by sunset, the bed will be his. Though the man is excited by the prospect of winning the bed, he is more concerned with the well-being of the peddler and invites him to sit in the shade of his porch, have a glass of water, and come in for a bite to eat. By the end of the day, the peddler’s heart has been moved by the poor man’s generosity and he leaves behind the perfect gift of gratitude before driving off into the sunset.

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