My View Book Review: Red Socks Go With Absolutely Anything by Darla Woodley

Title: Red Socks Go With Absolutely Anything

Author: Darla Woodley

Illustrator: Evan Munday

Year: 2015

Back Cover Blurb: Sometimes it is hard to find exactly the right words to show that you are sharing your encouragement and support. This uplifting story demonstrates that a simple pair of red socks can give someone special a boost when they are feeling down or out of their comfort zone.


In Red Socks Go With Absolutely Anything, we follow a boy through the trials and milestones of his life. We’re there on his first day of school. We’re there when he heads off on his first camping trip away from home. We’re there as he learns to ride his bike. Every page features a new marker on the road of life. Soon we see him learning to drive a car, and then we see him prepare for his first job interview, graduate from college, get married, and have a family of his own. Each step of the way, his mother is there, supporting him, encouraging him, and calming his fears. She does so with her words, her smiles, and her comforting touch, but also with her red socks-cozy, bright red socks, which bring the boy, turned man, the most comfort of all.

Sometimes we can’t find the right words. Sometimes smiles and hugs aren’t enough. But what if a family tradition, like wearing red socks, was just what was needed to make a person say, “I feel strong. I am ready. I can do anything.”? This book, with engaging black and white illustrations and just a pop of red, would make a great gift for all ages and may spark an idea for a tradition in your family. The main message here is how simple it is just to show someone you care. And really, don’t we all need to know, from time to time, that someone cares?

Note: For every copy of Red Socks Go With Absolutely Anything purchased, an additional copy of the book will be printed and donated to a school, local charity and/or organization that may benefit from the message of how red socks go with absolutely anything. (The author’s site:

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