My View Book Review: Bike On, Bear! by Cynthea Liu


Title: Bike On, Bear!

Author: Cynthea Liu

Illustrator: Kristyna Litten

Publisher/Year: Aladdin/2015

Summary: Bear is an extraordinary, genius bear, who can do anything except ride a bike. Can Bear figure out how to get on two wheels?


Bear is smarter than a monkey, more flexible than a python, and more helpful than a brigade of beavers, but there is one thing he is not: he is NOT good at riding a bicycle. In fact, he is totally terrible, even with training wheels! But he wants more than anything to learn, especially since all of his friends are happily riding their bikes, and he wants to join them. But how will he learn?

Bear’s mother wisely suggests that he find a book at the library to help him (Yay for library love!) So he does, and he follows all the instructions. But he just can’t seem to get it. He’s ready to give up until a cry for help launches him into action. Without hesitating, he jumps on a bike and saves the day. Finally, Bear can ride a bike. I wonder if there is anything else he can’t do?

Can’t we all relate to Bear? We clearly see that his biggest problem was overthinking. Bear thought obsessively about the instructions in the book and about what he was doing wrong. Eventually, he decided he couldn’t do it and he lost confidence in himself. I have a habit of overthinking about what could go wrong when I’m about to do something I’ve never done before, almost to the point of canceling. But if I canceled things just because I’m worried, I would never do anything. And I would miss out on some pretty wonderful things.

Final thoughts: Bike On, Bear! is a charming story with a sweet, determined main character, lots of action, and fun, colorful illustrations depicting cute animal friends.

2 thoughts on “My View Book Review: Bike On, Bear! by Cynthea Liu

    • And he trusted himself-his skills and abilities (that’s where the intelligence and flexibility mentioned early on in the story come in)-and knew he could help. He didn’t stop to overanalyze. Thanks for commenting, Karen! 🙂


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