Picture Books At The Library: Christmas Edition 2015

At the Library_Christmas

In my position as a technical processing assistant at the DeWitt Community Library, I catalog a lot of new picture books. Unfortunately, I cannot review them all, but I do try to read them all. Below are a few I’ve cataloged recently.

Share the joy of Christmas with your kids by reading picture books together. Here’s a look at some of the newest releases.



In this modern twist on a holiday classic, one special house is decorated inside and out with over-the-top holiday cheer!

Cork and Fuzz wake up knowing the day is special but not why, and when they finally find a quiet place to think about it, singing a festive song as a bell jingles and snow falls on a sparkling pine tree, they realize that their friendship makes every day special.


Bea and her friends are excited to put on their costumes and dance onstage in The Nutcracker.

From carolers to snowmen to stars, everyone’s favorite Christmas characters sing, shiver, and shine their way through the North Pole in this festive holiday twist on the beloved nursery rhyme Over in the Meadow.


From the moment they heard his booming voice, Santa’s parents knew their little one was special. After all, it’s not every child who is fond of the color red, is generous with his playthings and has an interest in chimneys.


It’s Christmas Eve, and all Yukio wants is an epic snowball fight. But when his friends are too worried about being good little ninjas to join in, Yukio sets out to sabotage Santa.


After Christmas is over, the tree begins to droop, and eventually Mom and Dad say it’s time for it to go. But Fritz isn’t ready to say good-bye.

The forest animals make snacks for the reindeer and decorate a large tree, and then they settle down together to wait for Santa.


A boy and his pet dragon discover the meaning of the Christmas spirit.


The Gingerbread Man and his classmates spread holiday cheer by delivering gifts and thank-yous to the people of their town.


‘Twas December 24th, and three brave knights were just settling in for the night when out on the drawbridge, there arose such a clatter! The knights try everything to get rid of this unknown invader, a red and white knight with a fleet of dragons.


The day before Christmas, everyone in Jose’s neighborhood seems grumpy, including his mother who is homesick for Puerto Rio, but when he and his parents return from the pizzeria where they borrowed an oven to cook their roast, the heavenly aroma reminds those they pass of all they have to celebrate.


When it’s time to audition for The Nutcracker, Zombelina knows she’s got what it takes to win the role of her dreams.


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