Paying It Forward, Starting In My Own Community

Little Man Asleep_Peddlers Bed

Scene from The Peddler’s Bed illustrated by Bong Redila (Ripple Grove Press, 2015)

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Even before my first children’s picture book, The Peddler’s Bed, was published, I knew I wanted to help people. But how? After the book was released, I began to research non-profit organizations that might be a good match. And although there are many extremely worthy causes out there, it didn’t take long to realize that the best match was right here in my own community: The Syracuse Rescue Mission.

Since 1887, the Syracuse Rescue Mission has been helping people in need by providing food, clothing, and shelter. Though they have evolved over the years, adding more services, programs, and locations, the values of faith, hope and love continue to form the foundation of their mission.

This is what the SRM is all about: Putting an end to hunger and homelessness for men, women, and children in our community.

  • Their Food Service Center provides three free hot meals a day to anyone in need. (Nearly 700 free meals a day and nearly a quarter million meals a year are served!)
  • Their emergency shelter offers 183 beds for men and women in eight separate dormitories.
  • They offer employment and education resources, life skills training, spiritual care, and connection to other services.
  • Rescue Mission staff help place hundreds of individuals into permanent homes in the community every year.
  • Their Homeless Outreach Service is a mobile unit that reaches out to individuals experiencing homelessness, offering to bring them to shelter, and providing food, water, clothing, blankets and other support.

I am donating 25% of my royalty earnings from sales of The Peddler’s Bed between September 1, 2015 and September 1, 2016 to the Syracuse Rescue Mission. It’s easy to see why supporting the SRM is the right choice for me. If you’ve read The Peddler’s Bed, you know it’s all about kindness, caring, giving, and, of course, a warm bed. 

Thank You!

If you’ve already purchased a copy of The Peddler’s Bed, thank you so much; you’ve joined with others to help provide food, clothing, shelter, hot showers, and warm beds to men, woman, and children in need.

It’s not too late to help. If you’d like to purchase a copy of The Peddler’s Bed, choose one of these links:


Barnes & Noble


If you’d prefer to donate directly to the Syracuse Rescue Mission, click hereor search for a similar cause in your local area. Let’s put an end to hunger and homelessness for all people.

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18 thoughts on “Paying It Forward, Starting In My Own Community

    • Thank you, Vivian! Sometimes I think people forget that there are folks right in our own communities that need help. The RM does a great job and I wanted to help. And yes, my blog got a makeover–new year, new look! 🙂


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