My View Book Review: How To Be A Good Baby by Chris Seps

Title: How To Be A Good Baby: Tips from the Dog

Author(s): Chris Seps and Toby

Photographs: Chris Seps

Year: 2015

Warning: Contains Copious Quantities Of Cuteness!


My weakness has been discovered–cute dog books! The reason is, of course, because they often remind me of my dog Java, who means the world to me. And this is certainly true of author Chris Sep’s book How To Be A Good Baby: Tips from the Dog.

Toby, the adorable little Pekingese, is the star of the book. He’s always been the baby of his family. But now, he has a new baby brother (the human kind). Toby’s not jealous, he’s excited, because now he has someone to share food, toys, and tips with. Toby’s learned a lot in his five years of life and he’s ready to pass along his knowledge.

Toby decided the best way to do that was to record his best ten tips on how to be a good baby, in a book. That way, babies all over the world can benefit from his wisdom. Text on each page is accompanied by photos of Toby demonstrating each tip. Babies will find tips on the importance of eating all of your food, the best time to poop, and how often you should sleep. My favorite tip is number 7: Snuggle. Toby recommends snuggling with Mom when you are tired or sick and snuggling with him when you feel sad. Most of all, he wants everyone to snuggle together.

How To Be A Good Baby is filled with good advice (for babies and parents) from a very sweet dog. Good boy, Toby!

Toby, star of How to be a Good Baby: Tips from the Dog and Chris Seps’ fur baby


My dog Java


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