Teri’s Tenacious Tommy Teesox by Teri Roche Drobnick


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Tommy Teesox

Artwork for Tommy Teesox is by Jamie Drobnick, daughter of Teri Roche Drobnick.

Children’s book authors are creative in many ways, not limited just to writing. I know authors who are also visual artists, craftsmen, or performers. I was a floral designer for ten years, so I’d like to think I have a bit of artistic creativity in me too. 

Today’s guest article is by Teri Roche Drobnick, creator of Teesox, adorable hand-stitched animals made from reclaimed clothing. Teri tells us how her fight with Lyme disease led her to writing children’s picture books about Tommy, one very tenacious Teesox.

Teri’s Tenacious Tommy Teesox

by Teri Roche Drobnick

I read my Tommy Teesox picture book manuscripts to a preschool class for the first time recently. What a blast! Entertaining kids and turning them onto books is an amazing gift to be able to give.

I never envisioned myself as a picture book writer, but was encouraged to do so by friends and family. I have now gained so much satisfaction and enjoyment (despite not being published yet), that I plan to do this for the rest of my working days.

It all started as a diversion when I was spending many hours on IV therapy for my Lyme disease. I needed something to pass the time and started sewing whimsical sock animals out of reclaimed clothing (teesox.com). It quickly blossomed into a business, and as my health returned, writing children’s books about my quirky characters seemed to be the next logical step. Well, many conferences, workshops, books, classes, #SCBWI meetings and critique groups later – I finally feel like I know a little something about writing children’s picture books. But it has been quite the learning curve!

I have now completed four picture book manuscripts and am actively seeking representation from an agent. The first two stories star Tommy Teesox:

Tommy Teesox Wears a Mask and Cape

When Tommy Teesox tries to make friends, he is teased for wearing a cape and mask, until astonishing things start happening…

Tommy Teesox Tackles Superhero Camp

Tommy Teesox receives an invitation to superhero camp. Does he have what it takes? Only when he learns to believe in his superpowers…

Teri Drobnick

Teri’s reading Tommy Teesox to the preschool where her daughter Casey Drobnick teaches.

Teri Drobnick2

Teri would love to connect with other picture book writers through social media:





Teesoxbyteri.etsy.com (Check out Teri’s custom-made Teesox characters on Etsy.)

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