DCL Actor’s Table Reading of The Peddler’s Bed

I’m happy to share a DCL Actor’s Table Reading of The Peddler’s Bed, which was organized, recorded, and edited by Mr. Scott Mosher, Paralibrarian at the DeWitt Community Library. Thank you, Scott and the talented script readers!

Have 5 minutes? Have a Listen!

You will also find a link to this recording of The Peddler’s Bed on my Teacher’s Resources page along with a Reader’s Theater children’s recording of the book, and other fun stuff.

Also check out the DeWitt Community Library’s SoundCloud page for more Actor’s Table Readings and Reader’s Theater recordings.

17 thoughts on “DCL Actor’s Table Reading of The Peddler’s Bed

  1. What a gorgeous story, and a wonderful reading, Lauri. You must be very happy with how it was told. It’s quite captivating. The repetition of ‘squeak squeak squeak’ is quite fun, even down to the old man’s breathing!

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  2. I finally had a chance to listen to the recording. I loved it! How fun is that?! By the way, with people in the comments chatting about Soundcloud, I just want to add that Soundcloud is free up to a certain number of hours of recordings, and if you don’t care about getting the complete set of stats, etc. I’ve had a Soundcloud account for a couple of years now where I record Bible stories. It’s easy and fun to use, but I’m thinking of trying to switch to YouTube Kids, just to make sure everything is kid-friendly. On a few occasions, people have liked or followed my account that clearly have no interest in Bible stories, but lots of interest in “being seen,” if you know what I mean!

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    • Hi Sonja! Thanks for the info! I didn’t know all that. I wonder if there’s a special rate for organizations, such as libraries, versus individuals? I also didn’t know there was a YouTube Kids. I think that’s great!


      • I didn’t know about it until recently, when I was with my brother who lives in a different state. He has two little kids, and when I told him about what was happening with Soundcloud, he mentioned YouTube Kids. I haven’t had a chance to investigate it yet–I’m not sure if it’s free or difficult to become a contributor, stuff like that. When I was at the London Book Fair in April, I heard many times that kids are on YouTube more than any other social media, and that’s where authors need to be. As soon as a project is finished that I’m currently working on, I am going to look into switching my Soundcloud stuff that relates to Sophie’s Quest to a video format on YouTube. I’m hoping that I can talk my brother’s exceptionally cute (proud aunt talking!) kids into role-playing Sophie and Timley’s parts. Right now, I read an audio clip of a Bible story that is accessed through my website, and then there are questions to think about and a brief dialogue where Sophie and Timley give their take on the story. It relates to the Bible study that the characters talk about in the upcoming sequel.


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