Picture Books At The Library 83

PB at the library 2

I catalog hundreds of new picture books each year, and I read as many of them as I can. Unfortunately, I can’t review them all, but I can share them. Below are a few recent titles. (Summaries have been taken directly from the books whenever possible.)


Little Duck doesn’t know the first thing about getting ready for a party–it’s her first one.


For Owl, nighttime is the time to play, but all of his friends are sleepy.


Duck decides to drive the tractor into town, and the other barnyard animals go along for the ride.

Max is tired and all ready for bed, but when he can’t find the moon to say good night, he sets out to find it.


Kitty wasn’t always such a scaredy-cat, but one late October day, a group of terrifying monsters showed up on her doorstep.


Birdie loves autumn, but mostly she cannot stop thinking about Halloween and what costume to wear.


Grimelda the witch searches everywhere for the jar of pickle root to make pickle pie, but her house is so messy, she can’t find it anywhere.


Love Monster tries to fall asleep but he’s convinced that a scary something with terrible, twisterly toenails and great big teeth is on it’s way up the stairs.


Cupcake is so worried about what the others think of her she feels she has to be perfect all the time, but that just makes the others mad.


Guess, discover, and delight in the sounds made by beasts big and small.


Celebrate that second year, full of new words, amazing skills, and a touch of mischief, as the toddlers in this book reach important milestones.


A mother and her two children set out on a journey filled with fear of the unknown, but also great hope.


A little girl falls asleep, her book in hand, and as she dreams an astonishing adventure unfolds.


A mouse insists that there are no dragons in the book, not a single one, but you, the reader, might know better.


A boy makes friends with the monster in the tree house next door, but soon discovers there are things about his new friend that he just doesn’t like.


George and Blaise are pen pals, and they write letters to each other about everything. There’s just one hing they don’t know: George is a human, while Blaise is a dragon.


With the help of friendly spider Webster, aspiring violinists Patience Muffet and Little Bo-Peep find personal fulfillment in the court of Old King Cole.


Miles was a difficult dog…until he got a car. Now he goes wherever he wants with his friend Norman.


Mary helps her school friends to look fabulous in their clothes and accessories, but now they’re too well dressed to play outside.


Far away from his family, Fox wanders the same forest he grew up in, but the beautiful trees and streams are gone. Lovely cover and touching story!

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