Readilearn: Early Childhood Teaching Resources


Have you checked out Norah Colvin’s Readilearn yet? Readilearn offers quality early childhood teaching resources for busy teachers on the subjects of literacy, mathematics, science, history, and much more. These fun, interactive resources are designed for use with children ages 5 to 7. Norah has over forty years of teaching experience and she’s poured it all into her fantastic site. 

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll discover on Readilearn:

  • interactive stories and lessons
  • estories
  • open-ended problem solving activities
  • readilessons
  • printable activities
  • teaching suggestions
  • notes for distribution to parents
  • and much more!

Additionally, on the Readilearn blog, which publishes every Friday, you’ll find education updates, teaching ideas, suggestions for using existing resources, and explanations of new resources. You can sign up for the monthly Readilearn newsletter too.

Author Spotlight

*I’m extremely pleased to be this month’s featured author in the Readilearn Author Spotlight! I answered questions designed to be of interest to teachers and young students. Click HERE to read the interview.

Don’t wait, check out Readilearn today!

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