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Please help me welcome author MaryAnn Sundby to Frog on a Blog! She’s the newest member of the Ripple Grove Press family. Her debut picture book Monday Is Wash Day, which was illustrated by Tessa Blackham, is available now. Let’s get to know MaryAnn a little bit. Read on!

maryann-sundbyMaryAnn, what inspired you to write your debut picture book Monday Is Wash Day? Do you have a personal connection to the message of the story?

People often say “write about what you know”. Monday is Wash Day is based on my experience growing up on a farm where I helped do the wash. I wanted children of today to understand that in years gone by, children helped do family chores. It was a wonderful part of family life.

How did you hear about Ripple Grove Press and why did you decide to submit to them?

The 2013 summer bulletin of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (a writer’s group I have joined) mentioned that Ripple Grove Press was accepting submissions for children’s picture books. I immediately mailed in Monday Is Wash Day for consideration. I was excited, knowing my manuscript would be read, as publishers often don’t have open submissions.

What’s your favorite illustration in Monday is Wash Day?

Tessa Blackham’s illustrations are fun and detailed. I especially like the pages of the children carrying the buckets of water to the porch; the family dog is helping!

Have you always wanted to be an author?

During the last several years, I pursued writing as an alternative to watching TV, which is too passive for me. Writing has been a positive avenue to learn about people and our world and to share ideas and memories.

What do you believe makes picture books special?

Picture books are special when carefully chosen words are braided into a captivating story enhanced with illustrations. With the wonderful mix of good words, a good story and good illustrations, a child’s understanding of the world grows. Consider the stories of the Prodigal Son or the Good Samaritan. Children are drawn to these classics, especially with compelling illustrations to highlight the drama.

Besides writing, what are some of your favorite things to do? Do you have favorite places you like to visit?

I enjoy being with family and friends. I enjoy traveling and learning about history all around me. I enjoy good food. I live near the mountains in Colorado where I see beautiful sunrises and sunsets nearly every day.


Are you working on more books?

Yes! I am writing about Maria, who leaves the family’s failing homestead to work in a boarding house kitchen. She doesn’t know what the future holds but she is content knowing she’s helping those she loves.

Where can fans connect with you online?

I welcome email messages from readers. They can reach me at:

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Yes. Reading good books is part of a good life!

So true, MaryAnn! Thank you so much for joining us on Frog on a Blog. May you experience much success with Monday Is Wash Day!

8 thoughts on “Interview Alert: MaryAnn Sundby

  1. It’s lovely to meet Mary Ann here on your blog, Lauri. I agree that “Reading good books is part of a good life.” That’s for sure. This sounds like a good book. Monday was always washing day when I was a child too.


      • You’re probably too young for your mother to have had a particular day for washing. It is so easy with electric appliances. Back in my childhood, my mother had to heat up water in the copper, swish around the items to be washed with a long stick, and wring them with a wooden mangler, and even sometimes by hand. It was an arduous process; which is why there was a particular day for it. 🙂


  2. love Mary Ann’s quote:
    With the wonderful mix of good words, a good story and good illustrations, a child’s understanding of the world grows.
    I’ve saved it to use it somewhere! Beautiful, deep, rich.


  3. Bonnie Pelaccia says:

    Thank you for featuring Mary Ann Sundby’s book, Monday is Wash Day and giving her e-mail so I might let her know how wonderful her book is. I do indeed remember wash day on Silver Hill in Derby, Ct. many years ago. With 8 children we all pitched in and our washing was done just as the book described. I have recently submitted my first picture book text to Ripple Grove Press called THE COBBLERS OF DERBY, “when old worn out shoes and boots weren’t just thrown away, OH NO! but walked right down to the cobblers two.” Love your book, THE PEDDLER’S BED too. So glad it’s not required to have a web site but glad for those who do.


    • Hi Bonnie! Thanks for commenting! I’m sure MaryAnn would love an e-mail from you. It sounds as if her book really resonated with you. Best of luck with your book submission to Ripple Grove Press! 🙂


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