Bible Stories From A Unique Perspective

Most folks, religious or not, are familiar with many of the stories from the Bible. Perhaps most familiar are the stories about Noah’s ark, David and Goliath, Joseph and his coat of many colors, and, of course, Jesus’ birth. Illustrated children’s Bibles do a nice job of sharing these stories with kids, but often, the stories are just simplified versions of those told in the Bible. What if there was a way to impart the messages of the Bible in a way that would capture the attention of even the youngest listeners? Mandy Jacob, author of several Bible-based books for children, has found a way. Let’s hear from Mandy.

pic-1People often ask me what inspired such a different take on the traditional Bible stories. Honestly, I can’t take all the credit. I was sitting in church one day, listening to a sermon about Noah’s faith in God. Allowing Him to steer the Ark where He deemed fit, since the Ark had no rudder. And then it struck me. Why not convey this exact message to children through the eyes of the Ark?








I told a few friends and they all encouraged me to write the story. But first, the pragmatic part of me had to make sure that there wasn’t a similar book out there already. To my excitement, I didn’t find anything else like my idea. Especially not with respect to Bible stories. Finally, a unique way to convey adult concepts directly to my young audience! 

Not only that, but having two early readers, I decided that I had to follow the Right Brain approach to reading. Having these two unique ideas meshed into one book, was simply enthralling to me. Once I had finished the first book, I realized I could apply the same principles to as many Bible characters as I had time for. Hence, the birth of my series! 








I have currently written five books. A Vessel without a Passage, Joseph’s Coat, and David’s Pebble were released just a few weeks ago! The Cursed Tree will be released in March and Moses’s Glorious Staff in April. In my books you will encounter eyewitness testimonies of Bible heroes. However, these untold stories are not of your usual Bible heroes but instead are narrated by their unique inanimate objects.

With three more books on the back burner, I am hoping to capture the minds and imaginations of many young readers.

4 thoughts on “Bible Stories From A Unique Perspective

  1. Butterfly Kisses and Silly Wishes says:

    I read this right before heading out to the library…I am going to see if any one of the titles are shelved!
    Thanks so much for this inspiring post!
    Write on🖖🏻
    Gabrielle Schoeffield


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