My View Book Review: Brigid and the Butter by Pamela Love


Title: Brigid and the Butter: A Legend about Saint Brigid of Ireland

Author: Pamela Love

Illustrator: Apryl Stott

Publisher/Year: Pauline Kids/ 2017

Back Cover Blurb: Saints were once kids–just like you! Brigid was a child in Ireland a long time ago. Taking Bishop Patrick’s words to heart, she learned that you don’t need to have much in order to give. Discover how fresh butter and a generous spirit led to Saint Brigid’s very first miracle. 

Brigid and her mother were slaves in Ireland long ago. Brigid was just a young girl, but she worked hard everyday, cooking, cleaning, and caring for the cows. Twice a week, she spent hours making fresh butter. One day, as she and her mother walked the countryside, they came upon Bishop Patrick telling a small group of listeners a gospel story of Jesus and how he blessed five loaves of bread and two small fishes and fed a huge crowd of hungry people. Brigid listened intently to the story.

Sometime later, Brigid had just finished filling a small bowl with butter, the only food they had in the house, when an old woman came to the door. The woman was hungry and asked if Brigid had any food to spare. Brigid explained that all she had was the small bowl of butter. The woman’s eyes became misty at the sight of it. She hadn’t had butter in a very long  time. Now Brigid had an important decision to make.  

It seems fitting to share, this week, a story about a  young girl who knew Bishop Patrick, the man who would become Saint Patrick. Though the story isn’t about him, it’s clear that he had a big impact on the life of a girl who would one day become a saint herself.

Author Pamela Love’s Brigid and the Butter is truly a lovely tale about generosity and giving. It shows how even one small child can make a difference in the life of someone else. Really it shows how every person can make a difference, no matter our circumstances. We need only open our hearts and let our generous spirits flow out to others, just as Saint Brigid did as a girl and continued to do for her entire life. She is a role model for us all.

Apryl Stott’s sweet illustrations are a perfect match for the text, portraying scenes from long ago in muted tones, yet managing to infuse energy throughout the book, an energy that brings Saint Brigid’s story to life.

Brigid and the Butter ends with two fitting extras: An About page that gives readers more information about Brigid’s life and a Prayer to Saint Brigid.

Please come back tomorrow to read a guest article by author Pamela Love with suggestions on how to write religious-themed picture books.

11 thoughts on “My View Book Review: Brigid and the Butter by Pamela Love

  1. I like the themes of one person making a difference and of opening our hearts and being generous to others. A very timely book for St Patrick’s Day. I look forward to hearing more from Pamela.

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