Picture Books At The Library 121

PB at the library 2

I catalog hundreds of new picture books each year, and I read as many of them as I can. Unfortunately, I can’t review them all. But I can share them! Below are a few recent titles. (Summaries have been taken directly from the books whenever possible.) Check your local library or bookstore for availability.


When Mama hears Brooks and Mikey fighting over yet another toy, she takes it away.


A young boy tracks down an elusive ghost in the hidden rooms of a fantastical magic shop.


Bear has made a den for himself, and chairs and tables and beds, but something is still missing.


When school supplies go missing, Chico the monkey investigates the mystery.


A girl is excited when the circus comes to town, but her family is too busy with farm chores to enjoy it.


Princess Truly’s adventures are a celebration of individuality, girl power, diversity, and dreaming big.


Eli the dog has been with Astrid since she was a baby, and now that Eli is getting older, Astrid wants to make fun memories with him. Sweet!


Mama Lion and Tigey compete in a cross country road race where they discover that coming in first isn’t what makes you a winner.


Sadie and Sherman set out to save a goldfish that was tossed into the ocean by an ungrateful girl.


Lily the lamb imagines she’s a gymnast, a cowboy, a cupid, and more, but her big imagination gets her into even bigger trouble. Love the art!


Little Philbert the mouse tries everything he can think of to get fellow tea lover Oliver the cat’s attention.

Engineer Arielle drives her train through Jerusalem on Israel Independence Day.


A troupe of merry volunteers attempt to rescue poor Billy Bloo from the goo, only to find themselves stuck as well.


Six playful penguins follow simple clues that lead them to find each letter of the alphabet.


It’s almost the first day of school and Bonaparte is literally falling to pieces. Love the art in this one too!


The kittens need a teacher. Is cat up for the toughest job yet? Fun addition to the Cat series!

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