My View Book Review: Lucky To Live In New York by Kate B. Jerome

Title: Lucky to Live in New York

Author: Kate B. Jerome

Illustrator: Roger Radtke

Publisher/Year: Arcadia Kids/2017

Series: Read Together/Do Together

New York is home–and I think quite a lot that I’m lucky to live in this wonderful spot. 

The first line sets the tone for the rest of the book. Lucky to Live in New York isn’t a traditional picture book. It’s a fun, rhyming memory book with bright, colorful, lively illustrations depicting a fox family, diverse children, animals, and more. The left-hand page sports the text that introduces a simple concept or idea about the state where the child reader lives. The right-hand page encourages interaction and creativity by offering an activity related to the concept. Children are prompted to draw, write, and color in the book.

For example, one page reads, In this state we make noise for our favorite home teams. Win or lose–all great plays deserve very loud screams. The accompanying page depicts a blank T-shirt that kids can color in with their team colors.

Another page reads, New York land provides homes for more critters than me. So it’s good to protect even what we can’t see. The accompanying page invites kids to list or draw some of their favorite animals.

The book even features a family tree to fill in, and directions to make a time capsule. Children will enjoy sharing the book with their family members, either once they’ve completed the activities or to work on the activities together.

Lucky to Live in New York is part of the Read Together/Do Together series, which currently offers a book for almost every state in the U.S. If you’re stuck for ideas this holiday season, these books would make great gifts.


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