Happy Book Birthday to I’M HAPPY-SAD TODAY by Lory Britain!


Title: I’M HAPPY-SAD TODAY: Making Sense of Mixed-Together Feelings
Author: Lory Britain
Illustrator: Matthew Rivera
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
Release Date: April 15, 2019
Format: Hardcover
Summary: Happy and also sad. Excited but nervous too. Feeling friendly with a little shyness mixed in. Mixed feelings are natural, but they can be confusing. There are different kinds of happy—the quiet kind and the “noisy, giggly, jump and run” kind. And there are conflicting feelings, like proud and jealous, frustrated and determined. With gentle messaging and charming illustrations, a little girl talks about her many layered feelings, ultimately concluding, “When I have more than one feeling inside me, I don’t have to choose just one. I know that all my feelings are okay at the same time.” A special section for adults presents ideas for helping children explore their emotions, build a vocabulary of feeling words, know what to do if they feel overwhelmed, and more.
Author’s Site: www.lorybritain.com

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4 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday to I’M HAPPY-SAD TODAY by Lory Britain!

  1. Hi Lauri. This is exciting. You are officially the first post on a blog about my book! Thank you so much, Lory PS-I will repost this on my FB page Lory britain for Children and share. (assuming it is ok to do so) . Hopefully, this will drive more people to follow your blog.

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  2. I enjoyed learning more about Lori Britian and her books today. This “I’M HAPPY-SAD TODAY: Making Sense of Mixed-Together Feelings” looks like an important one for little ones learning to understand their feelings. Matthew Rivera did a nice job with the cover. I love all the bright and cheerful colors.
    Thanks for sharing this with all of us Lauri Fortino.

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