Picture Books At The Library 194

I catalog hundreds of new picture books each year, and I read as many of them as I can. Unfortunately, I can’t review them all. But I can share them! Below are a few recent titles. (Summaries have been taken directly from the books whenever possible.) Check your local library or bookstore for availability.

So many different art styles! Love it!

41553890. sx318
NOW WHAT?: A sleepy puppy makes a bed out of blocks just in time to take a nap.
41219449. sx318
MANGO MOON: A young girl whose father was deported remembers the last night they spent on the porch together looking at the mango moon.
41392784. sx318
RABBIT NINJA: A young rabbit imagines how much easier life would be if he were a ninja.
MY SHOES AND I: As a boy travels with his papa from El Salvador to the U.S., his new shoes help distract him from the long and difficult journey. Bilingual
40538577. sx318
SIGN OFF: Road sign figures come to life and work together to greet a new day. Wordless
42194010. sx318
BUTTERFLIES ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: When the first day of school arrives, Rosie’s belly hurts and her mother tells her it’s butterflies dancing in her stomach.
39209549. sx318
THIS IS MY ROOM!: JoJo’s first night in her own room is interrupted by a lion, a bear, and a tiger.
42201974. sx318
CYRIL AND PAT: Cyril and Pat have lots of adventures and fun together, but none of the other park animals think Cyril should be friends with Pat because Pat is a rat. Rhyme
40612726. sx318
SOCK STORY: When Phil and Dale, a pair of socks, get separated in the wash, they must face the prospect of life on their own.
41553891. sx318
SEA GLASS SUMMER: On a visit to his grandmother’s seaside cottage, Thomas explores the beach with his grandfather’s magnifying glass, discovers sea glass, and imagines the long ago time from which the sea glass may have come.
36874211. sx318
WHAT KIND OF CAR DOES A T. REX DRIVE?: Uncle Otto is a used car salesman who, with the help of his niece and nephew, finds the perfect vehicles for his dinosaur customers.
41708578. sx318
I AM A WOLF: A dog who insists she is a wolf finds the perfect home with a young girl who sees past her prickly personality.
40864908. sx318
OGILVY: When Ogilvy discovers that in this new town only bunnies in dresses play ball and knit socks while only bunnies in sweaters make art and climb rocks, Ogilvy finds a way to do it all. Rhyme
42046182. sx318
TROPICAL TERRY: Terry longs to be flashy and fancy like the other tropical fish, so he fashions himself a costume, but soon learns it’s better being himself.

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