Picture Books At The Library 219

I catalog hundreds of new picture books each year, and I read as many of them as I can. Unfortunately, I can’t review them all. But I can share them! Below are a few recent titles. (Summaries have been taken directly from the books whenever possible.) Check your local library or bookstore for availability.
43094096. sx318
SWASHBY AND THE SEA: No-nonsense Captain Swashby loves his quiet life by the sea, but when new neighbors settle in next door and disrupt his solitude, the sea knows exactly what he needs.
51206386. sx318 sy475
ONE EARTH: Celebrate the beauty of nature and learn ways to protect our one and only world. Rhyme/Concept
48722179. sx318
JOY: An exuberant little kitten bounces, wriggles, and runs through the house, chasing her ball of yarn, until she trips down the stairs and her fun comes to an end. Rhyme
48889989. sx318
EVERY LITTLE LETTER: Walls had been built by big letters to keep out other letters, different letters, but one curious little letter was about to change everything.
53096013. sx318 sy475
IZZY AND FRANK: Izzy loves her island, but when she has to leave her lighthouse and island life behind to move to the city, she also has to say goodbye to her seagull friend Frank.
44230408. sx318
PLAYING POSSUM: Possums play dead when threatened, so Alfred, an unusually nervous possum, avoids attention and even friendship until he meets Sofia, an armadillo who curls into a ball when she’s nervous. Sweet!
45990766. sx318
DANDELION’S DREAM: In a meadow filled with dandelion buds just about to flower, one dandelion blooms into a real lion and sets off to explore the great wide world. Wordless
52368040. sx318 sy475
THE NEST THAT WREN BUILT: With care and tenderness, a bird and her mate make their family’s nest from the treasures of the forest. Rhyme
A JOURNEY TOWARD HOPE: Four unaccompanied migrant children come together along the arduous journey north through Mexico to the United States border.
48726938. sx318
LITTLE GREEN DONKEY: Little Donkey’s favorite food is grass, but when he eats too much and turns green, his mom tries to convince him to eat something new.
51287344. sx318 sy475
DOZENS OF DOUGHNUTS: A generous, but increasingly put-upon, bear makes batch after batch of doughnuts for her woodland friends without saving any for herself. Rhyme
48727535. sx318
A PERFECT DAY: It’s a perfect day for Seagull, perched on a rock in the sea, until crabby Crab comes along and points out all of the day’s flaws.

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