Picture Books At The Library 229

Here are a few recent titles I’ve read. What new picture books have you read? Please share in the comments section.
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OVER THE SHOP: A little girl’s grandparent struggles to rent the shabby apartment above her general store, until a special couple decides to move in and helps transform the store and the community. Wordless
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CHICK CHAT: When everyone in her family is too busy, chatty Baby Chick adopts an egg, and finally finds a friend who is a good listener. Cute!
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I AM NOT A PENGUIN: Poor Pangolin tries to explain to the other animals who he is, but they keep getting mixed up, confusing him with a penguin, an armadillo, and more. Funny!
TWO WOOL GLOVES: As a winter storm approaches, Father Squirrel sets out to find a warm shelter for his family and finally comes across the perfect place, just the right size for Mother Squirrel and their five babies.
54061785. sx318
TOGETHER: Whether stargazing, playing, or cuddling before bedtime, a polar bear parent assures a child that they will never be lonely because they are together forever. Rhyme

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