Picture Books At The Library 233

Here are a few recent titles I’ve read. What new picture books have you read? Please share in the comments section.
Book Cover
SOMEONE BUILDS THE DREAM: A house, a bridge, an amusement park all start as an idea, a sketch, a plan, but someone needs to work the saws and pound the nails, someone has to build each dream. Rhyme
Book Cover
COQUI IN THE CITY: When Miguel moves with his parents to mainland U.S., he misses his home, but he soon realizes that New York has more in common with Puerto Rico than he thought.
Book Cover
ANITA AND THE DRAGONS: Anita must face her fears, enter the belly of the beast-an airplane-, and begin life in a new country far from the Dominican Republic.
Book Cover
THREE: A homeless three-legged dog hops and skips about the city until he befriends a little girl who accepts him as he is.
Book Cover
THE SHAREY GODMOTHER: Shari T. Fairy loves to share, but when some of her friends question whether so much sharing is good, she tries being less generous, with disappointing results.
Book Cover
NYE, SAND AND STONES: A young girl challenges destructive behavior from the citizens of an island of stones that the rest of her community on an island of sand has accepted since forever.
Book Cover
THAO: Ever since Thao can remember, her name has been misspelled, mispronounced, and misunderstood, so now she’s ready for a new name.
Book Cover
AMIRA’S PICTURE DAY: Amira is excited for Eid with special clothes, treats, gifts, and a morning party at her mosque, but picture day at school is the same day and she was looking forward to that, too.
Book Cover
CLOSE YOUR EYES: If you’re not ready to go to bed, better close your eyes so that you don’t see all the sleepy little animals and get sleepy yourself. Adorable!
Book Cover
THE WIND AND THE TREES: Deep in a forest, a mature pine tree and a seedling begin a conversation, and as the years pass, the older pine weathers while the younger tree grows and flourishes.

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