Picture Books At The Library 235

Here are a few recent titles I’ve read. What new picture books have you read? Please share in the comments section.
Book Cover
PEACE: From saying hello to saying I’m sorry, this simple concept book explores definitions of peace and actions small and big that foster it. Rhyme
Book Cover
BARNABY: When Barnaby the budgie’s owner brings home another bird, Barnaby decides that the house isn’t big enough for two of them, and he flies out the open window.
Book Cover
GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE ENGINEERS: Goldilocks is an inventor with inventor’s block, but with the help of three new friends, everything turns out just right. Rhyme
Book Cover
I’M A GLUTEN-SNIFFING SERVICE DOG: Chewie is going to be Alice’s gluten-sniffing service dog, but he keeps getting distracted during training.
Book Cover
HALAL HOT DOGS: Every Friday, Musa’s family takes turns picking out a Jummah treat, and they’ve tried all sorts of foods, but when it’s Musa’s turn, he picks his favorite, halal hot dogs.
Book Cover
LET’S POP, POP, POPCORN!: Follow along and learn the step-by-step process of how America’s favorite snack is grown, harvested, and popped. Rhyme
Book Cover
I LOVE YOU AS BIG AS A RAINBOW: Big Bear and Small Bear see a rainbow in the sky, and when it disappears, they decide to make their own.

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