Writing Children’s Books Young Readers Will Love by Rosie Russell

Rosies Books

Please welcome author/illustrator Rosie Russell to Frog on a Blog. Rosie is a former teacher who now creates children’s books full time. I love that she donates a portion of profits from her book sales to great causes! Rosie stopped by today to offer tips on writing books that young readers will love.

Writing Children’s Books Young Readers Will Love

I love picture books! Reading them to children and exploring how the author and illustrator came up with their story fascinates me. It’s the drive and passion that started my job as a full-time author and illustrator.

I’ve had many people tell me writing picture books must be easy. I wish I could tell them it is, but it’s very hard. Coming up with a tale that young readers will enjoy and finding important elements to work with, are the keys to success for creating entertaining books.

Write from your heart.

I base most of my books on something or someone in my life. Either it’s a memory or event that was personal or topic a child will love reading about.

It’s great to come up with a theme outside of your own experience. When doing so, make sure you incorporate your own voice in the story, along with lots of research on the subject.

Make your books engaging with colorful illustrations.

Children love bright colors, so use them often.

I made one that has a darker cover. It’s called Moonshadow Mae. I ran a survey with my fans and they voted for the image.

They liked how it looked more intriguing and mysterious. The inside illustrations are much brighter. The story itself is about a young girl named Mae that loves and adores the moon. It’s my first hardcover with a Library of Congress number for those that wish to add to their libraries and stores. It’s also available in paperback.

Add information for a more interactive story.

Another tip readers love: Have an interactive story or information with fun things to think about or do in the back of the book.

Many of my books include activities, fun projects, and recipes. A few of them have added questions for further learning.

In Beasley’s Journey, I’ve included simple questions the reader can answer, and an important tip for pet owners.

For Beasley and Friends to the Rescue, I’ve included pictures of the real live pets, each character is based on.

For my Maggie, Millie and Merrie series, I include art projects, recipes, and fun things to do at home.

My two Search and Find books show over a hundred things to find: Picture finds for non-readers, and word finds for readers.

Last, include fun dialogue.

Children love it when a character’s voice is heard through the dialogue. Change up the voices in a read aloud to convey their special traits. 

Thank you for having me as your guest today.

Thank you for stopping by, Rosie!

Rosie RussellRosie Russell is the author and illustrator of eight children’s books.
She has studied Early Childhood Education and has taught students in elementary and middle school for fifteen years in the Midwest.
Rosie now writes and illustrates full time and is looking forward to sharing her books with students, encouraging them to write and illustrate their own stories.
A portion of profits from her books will be donated to different causes, depending on the subject of her books.

For more information about Rosie or to purchase her books, click the following links:

Books By Rose


Barnes & Noble

Rainy Day Books


becoming beautiful

Please welcome author Tarang Rawat to Frog on a Blog! Tarang’s on an important mission to inspire and empower girls to be strong, independent, and confident–through her book Becoming Beautiful. Read on to see how you can help!

Are you a parent of a lovely little girl who often spends hours in front of the mirror disapproving of her face or figure? Do you try to find confidence in your child’s smile, but see it fading away every day? And wonder who stole it? Where did it go?

Well, your daughter is not alone. Statistics show that negative body image and low self-esteem is a growing epidemic in our society. Children today are exposed to fake and unrealistic standards of physical beauty. Influenced by popular television shows, celebrity culture, social media, and peer pressure, our young girls often embrace an unnatural image of beauty from a very young age. And when they compare themselves to those unrealistic standards, they feel inadequate and imperfect. If young girls are dissatisfied with the way they look, they are bound to develop negative body image and low self-esteem, which is detrimental to their growth and success in life.

If we let the status quo be, we run the risk of leaving behind a generation of girls that are completely unaware of their potential and self-worth.

I strongly believe that every girl deserves to know that she’s beautiful, and through my book, Becoming Beautiful, I want to help girls see their true beauty. Becoming Beautiful is an inspirational children’s book written for girls, aged 4-9, who find it difficult to recognize and accept their true, awesome self.

With Becoming Beautiful, I describe a beautiful tale celebrating girl power, embracing your true self, and recognizing your inherent beauty. Becoming Beautiful is here to make girls feel incredible as they truly are.

finalized becoming beautiful

To fund the production, design, and printing of my book, I am running a Kickstarter campaign from February 13th to March 13th and am seeking community support to make this book a reality.

The book trailer and pre-order of the book are now available on www.becomingbeautiful.us.

Becoming Beautiful is on a mission to empower young girls to love their bodies and themselves. When a girl feels more confident in her body, she will be more assertive, perform better physically and academically, and she will say ‘yes’ to more opportunities.

More than a book, it’s a message that needs to be shared with parents and adults, so we can raise a generation of strong, independent girls who are proud of themselves.

Support this campaign and give your daughter the gifts of confidence, self-worth, and happiness.

tarang's pic.

Tarang Rawat

About the Author: 

Tarang Rawat had an early affair with writing. Sadly, the romance ended, leaving behind splatters of dark poetry, which never saw the light of day. While other things caught her attention, they could not keep it for long. However, she found other venues of engagement; from designing clothes for models to designing system for companies, she’s worn many hats and balanced many cups.
As fate would have it, old lovers crossed paths again, and the romance rekindled. They picked up where they left off, a more candid affair this time.

The Inspiration Behind DEREK THE FLYING DODO by Vanee Apoolingum

Please welcome author Vanee Apoolingum to Frog on a Blog. Vanee stopped by to share a little about the inspiration behind her new book DEREK THE FLYING DODO.

DEREK THE FLYING DODO is my first children’s book that has just been published! It is an exciting adventure story for 5-7 year olds about friendship, having the courage to be different, and never giving up on your dreams. Since my book has been published, two questions that I have been asked regularly is why did I do it, and what was my inspiration?

Derek cover

So why did I decide to publish a book? Well, since having my two sons, bedtime reading has always been a precious moment in our day. We all get to wind down and lose ourselves in wonderful and magical children’s books and stories we make up together.

Picture books such as Spinderella, Hello Mr Dodo!, Little Dinosaur’s Big Adventure, and Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon have all got important messages about friendship and having the courage to be different. All the illustrations in these picture books are vibrant and colourful and are great at drawing in young readers! In addition, the adventures that the characters share in those books are truly magical. Just over a year ago my boys said I should write one of our stories down, so I decided, why not.

Inspiration has come from past and present experiences, which have shaped my story one way or another. Whilst I have been living in London for over 17 years, I was born and brought up on the paradise island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. The Dodo was native to this island and famous for its inability to fly (as well as being extinct!). It has always fascinated me, but growing up, there were hardly any children’s books about this bird. So naturally, when I first decided to write a book, I wanted to base my main character on the Dodo. Even though there are now some picture books on the dodo, the theme has generally been around extinction of the bird or the fact that it can’t fly.

However, I wanted to bring a little bit of magic and fantasy to my readers – hence making Derek the Dodo fly!

flying dodo

The locations in my book were also heavily influenced by my upbringing in Mauritius. Growing up, I was incredibly lucky to be surrounded by Mauritius’ natural beauty. The luscious white sandy beaches, crystal blue water, dense rainforest, and some of the most beautiful botanical gardens gave me the perfect inspiration when writing my book. I was immediately drawn to my childhood memories, all the places I spent so much time in and where some of my best memories still are. Mark Twain very rightfully summed it up when he said “Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius”!

Mauritius illo

The themes of friendship, having the courage to be different, and dreaming the impossible were influenced by my 6 year old who was assessed as Gifted a few years ago. When he first started school, he was very different to his peers and struggled to connect to other children. However, he always knew he was different and very readily and strongly embraced that.

So there you have it, why I wrote my book and what my inspiration was. My hope now is that children reading my book will be transported into this magical story and share the thrilling ride with this wonderfully unique Dodo, and, just for a little bit, dream that the impossible can happen!

Vanee A photo

Vanee Apoolingum was born and raised on the paradise island of Mauritius. Growing up in exotic surroundings plus childhood stories about the flightless dodo provided her with the inspiration for Derek the Flying Dodo.

For the past 17 years she has swapped warmer climates for the milder (and wetter) weather of London. In her very limited spare time, thanks to her two young boys, she enjoys reading, writing and baking with her children.

Children’s Book Academy Courses


Are you an aspiring children’s book author or illustrator? Are you searching for classes that will help get you started or elevate you to the next level? Then check out the fabulous lineup of classes offered by Mira Reisberg’s Children’s Book Academy. Mira’s got classes on picture books, chapter books, middle grade, self publishing, creating author websites, and much more–all online. And many of her classes are packed full of practical lessons, webinars, video tutorials, and help from industry professionals, not to mention bonuses and submission opportunities.

Coming up in August is The Craft & Business of Illustrating Children’s Picture Books. This class is perfect for illustrators or author/illustrators who are searching for an interactive e-course that teaches tons about illustrating children’s books, getting illustration work, building a platform, and selling your work. CLICK HERE for more information.

Take a look! As a Children’s Book Academy graduate myself, I can almost guarantee, you won’t be disappointed. (P.S. Mira is a super sweet lady, too, who truly cares about her students and their success. 🙂 )

CBA illustration-course2

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Shari’s Berries’ 20 Desserts Inspired By Children’s Books

Kid Lit enthusiasts, check out Shari’s Berries’ awesomely clever graphic depicting twenty delicious pairings of beloved children’s books and sweet treats!

Graphic created and owned by Shari’s Berries at http://www.berries.com/. Thanks to Julissa at Shari’s Berries for sharing!

5 Ways to Make Storytime the Best Time Ever by Susan Day


Please welcome author, literacy advocate, blogger, and dog lover, Susan Day, to Frog on a Blog. On her blog, Astro’s Adventures Book Club, Susan has made it her mission to help grandparents create lasting memories by showing them how to share the wonders of reading with their grandchildren.

Today, Susan stopped by to share tips on making storytime an extra special time for both reader and listener.

5 Ways to Make Storytime the Best Time Ever

by Susan Day

Have you ever been riveted to your chair by a powerful storyteller? One who weaves such a magical and inspiring tale you simply can’t move until it’s over?

A good storyteller can hold the breath of each listener in their hands, and mesmerize them with every word.

Storytelling is certainly an art form that takes many hours of practice, but just about anybody can quickly gain the right skills to have children or grandchildren hurrying to bed each night in eager anticipation of their next bedtime story.

Here are some pointers to help you –


Your voice is your most important tool when it comes to storytelling. We each have a unique voice which adds to the charm of any story we tell.

But, why not give each character its own voice. The more exaggerated you are the more fun it will be. This is further enhanced when you give a large, heavy animal like a hippopotamus or an elephant a high, squeaky voice.

As well, who said all mice have to sound meek and small? What about a mouse with a deep voice that is gruff and coarse?

You might be great at accents too. Delight your children with a long southern drawl or a sharp Cockney accent each time you read.

Voice volume

Changing the volume of your voice to reflect the plot is another wonderful way to keep children engaged in the story. When the heroes enter the dark, mysterious cavern, drop your voice to a whisper. When they are at the fairground, shout the words out loud! (You know how noisy fairgrounds can be!)

boy reading


Try to match the speed at which you read to the action in the plot. Try doing this with the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill to get some practice.

Read in a measured, deep voice which imitates someone slowly walking up a steep hill: “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.”

Now in a quick voice imitating someone falling down a hill: “Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after.”

This will make the whole story so much more engaging and fun. Your children will love to hear how the actions of the characters are reflected in the way you read the story.

Hand gestures and facial expressions

Hand gestures may be difficult if you are holding the book, but don’t let that stop you from employing them. As with facial gestures, you can add so much more to story time by mimicking the reactions of the characters.

Remember the Big Bad Wolf in the Three Little Pigs story? He put a lot of effort into blowing those houses down. Imagine how much fun the story would sound if you ran out of breath and became tired as you ‘huffed and puffed’?

What kind of face would Little Miss Muffet have pulled when she ate her curds and whey? Yikes! Who eats curds and whey today?

One of the keys to success for all storytellers is in the element of surprise. Using your voice, hand and facial gestures will keep your young audience enthralled with every turn of the page. Let’s face it, the key to good storytelling is not in the story, but in the telling!

Image3About the author – Susan Day

Susan Day is a children’s author and writer. Her blog, Astro’s Adventures Book Club, is full of ideas and tips for grandparents, parents and teachers to support them in helping children become better readers. As well, Susan has created a guide to help grandparents build a more meaningful relationship with their grandchildren through their love and passion for books.

Susan lives in country Australia with four dogs, three boss cats, three rescue guinea pigs, and an errant kangaroo. And, apart from blogging, writing and reading; she loves coffee, painting and learning to box.

My thanks to Susan for featuring Frog on a Blog on her site, Astro’s Adventures Book Club!


SCBWI Summer Reading List 2016


Are you looking for some excellent books for kids to read this summer?

The SCBWI Summer Reading List 2016 is available now! It features 1,400 titles from 350 publishers, and is divided into 15 geographical regions. The books are further divided by grade level. You can go to the SCBWI site and download the complete list or download by region.

You can also click this link for access to the full list: SCBWI Summer Reading List 2016