Teach Your Children About Different Cultures Now! by Kids VS Life


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Kids VS Life

Today’s guest article comes to us from the folks at Kids VS Life, a company “dedicated to introducing mature concepts, places and things to young children using interesting stories and music videos.” Their site is brimming with fun, informational eBook picture books for kids, all free! They stopped by today to tell Frog on a Blog readers about two exciting new books designed to introduce kids to different cultures.

Teach Your Children About Different Cultures Now!

by Kids VS Life

Hey Parents!

The world is a BIG place.

So many different countries, so many different cultures…

Children should be taught about the world outside of their home country, but where do you even begin?

Right here! We want to present you with 2 books to broaden their horizons:

1. Kids Meet Japan


Click Here To Download Kids Meet Japan

Written from the perspective of a father who is working and living in Tokyo, Kids Meet Japan aims to introduce Japanese culture to children. This story is jam-packed with basic Japanese words and interesting facts that will give your child a newfound appreciation for this unique Asian country.

2. Kitty Catties Take France: An Illustrated Kids’ Guide


Click Here To Download Kitty Catties Take France: An Illustrated Kids’ Guide

This book covers the geography, language and culture of France. It even covers some basic French vocabulary. The idea is to familiarize children with everything that makes France a great place to be a kid! As they follow the adventures of Kitty Catties, your children will definitely become interested in this mini French culture class, which is designed to offer them plenty of fun en route.

We all have a responsibility for broadening our children’s horizons, and these two free iBooks will give them a taste of the world around them!

P.S. Do you want your child to learn about another country?
Tell us which one! We’re constantly creating new children’s material, which means we’re always open to new suggestions. Find us on Facebook or Twitter.



Budding Reader eBooks and a Pop Quiz

Budding Reader

“For every eBook you buy, we donate one to a child in need.”

That’s the Budding Reader eBooks pledge.

Melinda Thompson, the visionary behind Budding Reader, a company that creates award-winning learn-to-read eBooks, has a question for you.

Get out your pencils. It’s time for a pop quiz:

If you read to your child 20 minutes a day for the first five years of life how much time will you have spent reading to your child?

A. More than 600 hours
B. More than 25 days
C. Approximately 1% of your child’s life
D. All of the above

The answer is D: All of the above! That’s a lot of time spent reading, isn’t it? And all that reading is likely to entail thousands (yes, thousands not hundreds) of picture books. (Thank goodness for libraries!) Is all that reading really worth the time? Research answers with a resounding YES! Time and again, research studies have demonstrated the importance of reading for wiring brains, building vocabulary, promoting empathy, and increasing knowledge of the world. So clearly, spending time reading to a child is time well spent and a commitment well worth making.

Melinda Thompson of Budding Reader eBooks is on a mission to make learning to read easier and more fun for children, especially struggling readers. For tips on working with emergent readers, check out this free eBook from Budding Reader.


To learn more about Budding Reader and it’s amazing line of eBooks, click here.